Magic Folding is from my understanding of "Law of Attraction" and practice of Light Language and Angelic Seals. All these three are about quantum physics, energies, and thoughts,

The "Law of Attraction" talks about ask, command, and let the universe know what you want. The Light Language uses colored light and geometry to create clear messages - clear thoughts with clear intentions produce messages that emanate from the brain into the surrounding environment. The Angelic Seals summon the angels - angles are messengers, or thoughts, from God. I learned sixty-six angles and their seals. Each angel governs a certain area, or say, each has a specialty. Angelic Seals let you summon an angle who governs the area you want it manifested.
Before you ask what you want, you need to know what you want. Then you need declare it with a clear and direct message, and even better, with a passion. Often we are uncertain about what we really want and our thoughts are foggy. Or our mind goes one way and our body signals a completely different message. So, the key to get the "Law of Attraction" to work and work quickly and effectively is to engage both your mind (thought) and body to send out a consistent and clear intention. I think the main idea behind Light Language and Angelic Seals is that they use a simple way to achieve mind-body synchronization. With my knowledge about quantum physics, vibrational medicine, and "Law of Attraction," I extracted the essence of Light Language and Angelic Seals and developed this technique - Magic Folding. It is free for you to get your intention manifested.

Magic Folding is easy to do and it works even better than a sitting meditation to get you focused. To get Magic Folding work full potentially there are a few things you can do to help you more in tune:

- Eat well - natural food
- Sleep well - have a good rest
- Exercise - walk, run, or dance
- Give thanks to what you have
- Practice forgiveness and unconditional love
Here are the Steps for Magic Folding:
  • Pick what you want from the catalog of the universe
  • Get a nice piece of paper and cut it into a perfect square - no black paper
  • Write down how you want it manifested with no more than four words - on the diagonal of the paper
  • Pick a fold and fold your paper - feel what you want and how you want
  • ​Put the fold in your sacred space - no liquids, perfumes, candles, symbols, or ashes
  • ​Let it go and believe
  • ​Pay attention to any inspiration or idea you get and Act!
Here are the Rules for Magic Folding:
  • Only one fold every 24 hours
  • No more than four words
  • No misspelled words
  • No black paper
  • No periods in your writing
  • ​Write your words on the diagonal of the paper
  • ​You may use colored ink, colored pencil, or crayons with the color holding the same energy as your intention
I suggest you do Magic Folding by yourself in a quiet place.

Make sure the table is clean and clear.

You may use more complicated folds or create your own. If you can do one Magic Folding every 24 hours at the same time you will feel its effects on you.
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